From the moment we are born we move. As babies we first learn to crawl and eventually make that momentous first step to walking on our own two legs. We jump, we climb. we explore. We see everything with a sense of wonder and amazement.

Then somehow through the process of growing up, and socialisation we lose some of that. Everything becomes the same, and we get caught in the grind of modern life. In tandem with this, is the growing adoption of a sedentary lifestyle. We get seduced into being couch potatoes for most of our waking hours – watching tv, playing video games, working at a desk, lounging and sitting around socialising, rarely participating in any physical activity.

And this is a problem – because physical inactivity is one of the leading causes of preventable death worldwide, doubling your chances of a heart attack, diabetes and obesity, as well as increasing your risks of colon cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, lipid disorders, depression and anxiety. Even more alarming is that 60-85% of the world population are inactive and this includes children!*

Thats why We MUST MOVE!

*World Health Organisation, 2012


Discover Movement, Discover Freedom

Parkour is a wonderful way to not only get you moving again, anywhere, anytime, anyplace, but also a way to reignite your sense of wonder, re-engage your creative right brain, and reclaim that incredible sense of wonder we all had as children.

The underlying philosophy of Parkour can be gleaned from the phrase – “Etre fort, pour être utile”  one must be strong to be useful and therefore capable of acting in real life emergency or threatening situations – like climbing up to your apartment through the window because you lost your keys, or chasing down a thief.  As such the practice of parkour is focused on learning how to use your body and how to adapt and move through your environment in the most effective means. You could say it is true functional fitness applied!

It encourages creativity and thinking beyond the predefined parameters presented to us in daily life.  This mindset and capability developed through parkour instills a unique sense of freedom and confidence.

The Practice of parkour is always challenging, and one of the greatest rewards is the feeling of accomplishment of overcoming an obstacle or pushing through a previous mental limitation – something that you once thought can’t be done suddenly becomes doable.

How does parkour do all this? Best way to understand is to experience – so we really encourage you to discover this art of movement for yourself and give yourself the opportunity to develop mentally, physically and spiritually in a completely new way!

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Practising what some refer to as the ‘Art of movement‘ also has many benefits. . read on below to find out more.



Ultimately its a great escape to take time out for yourself,
but there are many tangible benefits too!


From the conditioning exercises to the high intensity workouts, you can’t help but be fitter!

Be Functional

One of the best ways to get a full body workout. Learn to use your body as one integrated whole!

Know Your Body

Understand your body – strengths and weaknesses, know your capabilities and your limits.

Reduce Injury!

Be more robust and resilient, more aware and better able to respond to the unexpected.

Develop Confidence

Learning to master and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles builds confidence.

Develop Focus

Parkour requires complete focus to execute movements successfully and safely.

Develop Mental Agility

You’ll learn to think on your feet to navigate around obstacles and prepare for the unexpected.

Develop Creativity

After learning the fundamentals, you will be inspired to start exploring and discovering your own way of moving.


No matter what your fitness level,
you can start from wherever you're at today!


Parkour Team Superfly

Come experience parkour with our team of experienced international parkour instructors who are dedicated to share the essence of this amazing discipline. At Superfly we not only provide structured engaging and challenging curriculum, but also organise regular jams, where coaches and students can informally learn from each other, while having fun as a group.

Parkour is for everybody. Plus parkour requires no special equipment, just you and your environment.

Community is important to us, so we supplement the jams, with social events to experience something different together. Past social events have included Laser Tag, Movies, BBQ, Picnics, and a Visit to a trampoline park. Come move with us! We’d love you to be part of our growing community.

The Best time to start training is Now!

‘Joining Superfly Monkey Dragons is the best decision I have made in years. I am feeling so good. I had a great time attending the flip course and met some awesome people.’

Ismail Wajeeh
Teacher / Artiste

“You’ll never gonna know if you don’t try. I don’t want to regret anything for not trying, so I’m very happy I did, and I’m very happy I enjoyed, and actually I learned so many different things.”

Caren Utino
Model, Actress

“Picking yourself out of the comfort zone, that is really what this is all about. And I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to what you can achieve”

Nat Ho

"Parkour Inspires you to go further than you've ever been."

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If you're looking for an amazingly fun and challenging way to get fit and lose weight and maybe even find a sense of peace and grounding :) - You've found it!