This fun and explorative class is for kids to discover

themselves and the language of movement!



Superfly is excited to to make more Parkour Kids classes available.

We look forward to sharing the philosophy, and training techniques that make parkour such a unique and wonderful discipline to develop one’s mind, body and spirit!

Please do read on below for more information about

  1. What to expect for your child.
  2. Schedule
  3. What is Parkour?
  4. Benefits of Parkour 
  5. Safety

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We look forward to sharing the love of movement with you and your child(ren) soon!


Derrick Siu
Superfly Monkey Dragons

PS: If you are keen for your child to try and learn parkour with us, and the current classes do not suit you, please do fill in the By Request From here, so we can explore the possibility of holding more classes at different times and locations that work for you.


Discover What Parkour Kids Is All About!

Happy to be featured by Little Day Out featuring our founder Derrick Siu sharing his thoughts on the value of parkour and what kids learn in Superfly Kids parkour classes. Great little into to what parkour is and why you and your kids can benefit from it 🙂 Check it out!

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Here are some of the great benefits your child will experience from attending our classes!

  1. Body Intelligence
    • Better awareness of their body
    • Develop better co-ordination and balance
    • Training for longevity and mobility
    • Engaging the total body for a true functional fitness workout
  2. Parkour Philosophy
    •  Leave no Trace
    • Open Mind
    • Start Together / Finish Together
  3. Techniques – Discover new ways of moving their body and how to overcome obstacles
    • Breaking falls / Landing Techniques
    • Jumping
    • Vaulting
    • Climbing (how to climb up obstacles)
    • Dismounts (how to climb off obstacles)
    • Flow – the concept of combining movements together in a graceful form.





  • Comfortable clothes
  • Sneakers / trainers
  • Lots of water (at least 1-2 litres)
  • Sunscreen

What is Parkour?

A discipline to develop one’s mind, body and spirit.

Parkour is a discipline much like martial arts, except you don’t have an opponent to fight but rather it gives you the freedom of using any space as a canvas, and your creativity and body as the instrument to create art in motion. In fact, we all did parkour when we were young, learning to walk, climb, jump, exploring our surroundings, and testing our limits.  Parkour is a return to our origins.
Anticipation of what could be. 
Eminating from the combative obstacle course training carried out by the French Military, Parkour at the most elementary level is about learning to move from point A to B in the most effective way which includes overcoming obstacles in your path by jumping, climbing and passement (passing through). As the discipline evolved and developed it became much more than just a system and science of getting from point a to b, becoming more a way of self discovery and expression through movement.
Whether you prefer to more focus on the practicalities or explore the creativity of movement, the essence and philosophy remains the same, to develop oneself, to open ones mind to possibilities, to learn to overcome physical and mental obstacles, and to become more than you were yesterday.
Stronger, Better, Wiser. 
Train with us and discover and experience the power of parkour for yourself.
Master your Mind and Body. Transform. Move!

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To Be and To Last

As a parent you may have some concerns about the safety of parkour – especially if you have seen any of the many videos on Youtube. While what you see is certainly a part of parkour, it represents the very highest level of skills from people who have trained years in the discipline. One does not have to execute such moves to be training parkour,  in fact when you first start most of the movements and techniques are done on the ground, or at very low heights.

Actually Parkour is safer than most sports like basketball, football and other team sports, because it is a discipline that only involves the practitioner and the environment. There is no risk of accidents between practitioners.

Parkour is all about learning about yourself, your abilities and your limits. When someone understands the training philosophy and operates within those parameters it is one of the safest training available. You only do things when you are ready. At Superfly our goal is to guide students to gain this self awareness and philosophy so they may train and stay healthy and strong for many years to come in line with the philosophy of “TO BE AND TO LAST

We take a proactive approach towards injury prevention, and one of the keys to that is understanding the situations when injuries and accidents do happen:

  1. Trying something when you (your body or mind) is not ready. This happens when people attempt something when their body is not strong enough, their technique is honed enough or they are not mentally ready. This is usually caused from over enthusiastic people wanting to try something without the proper training or conditioning. This is where we emphasise to follow the instructors advice and to not attempt anything outside of what is asked. Over time students will develop their own guidance and wisdom of know when they are ready for new movements.
  2. Executing a move when your body and mind is too tired, Especially when trying to do something for the first time, or an exercise that challenges you to push your limits. Always make sure you are 100.
  3. Not checking surfaces / obstacles before using them. Before landing, climbing over and putting your weight on any obstacle or surface its paramount to check the surfaces are not slippery or have any protruding points that could cause injury as well as making sure the obstacles are stable and strong enough to support the movement.

By observing the above 3 key points. Accidents and injuries should be kept to a minimum.


Kids naturally want to run, jump and climb – parkour provides them with a great foundation to learn how to master these movements with a host of additonal benefits!


From the conditioning exercises to the high intensity workouts, you can’t help but be fitter!

Be Functional

One of the best ways to get a full body workout. Learn to use your body as one integrated whole!

Know Your Body

Understand your body – strengths and weaknesses, know your capabilities and your limits.

Reduce Injury!

Be more robust and resilient, more aware and better able to respond to the unexpected.

Develop Confidence

Learning to master and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles builds confidence.

Develop Focus

Parkour requires complete focus to execute movements successfully and safely.

Develop Mental Agility

You’ll learn to think on your feet to navigate around obstacles and prepare for the unexpected.

Develop Creativity

After learning the fundamentals, you will be inspired to start exploring and discovering your own way of moving.


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Give your child the gift of movement! Help them move with poise, confidence and joy!


Parkour Team Superfly

Come experience parkour with our team of experienced international parkour instructors who are dedicated to share the essence of this amazing discipline. At Superfly we not only provide structured engaging and challenging curriculum, but also organise regular jams, where coaches and students can informally learn from each other, while having fun as a group.

Parkour is for everybody. Plus parkour requires no special equipment, just you and your environment.

Community is important to us, so we supplement the jams, with social events to experience something different together. Past social events have included Laser Tag, Movies, BBQ, Picnics, and a Visit to a trampoline park. Come move with us! We’d love you to be part of our growing community.

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‘Joining Superfly Monkey Dragons is the best decision I have made in years. I am feeling so good. I had a great time attending the flip course and met some awesome people.’

Ismail Wajeeh
Teacher / Artiste

“You’ll never gonna know if you don’t try. I don’t want to regret anything for not trying, so I’m very happy I did, and I’m very happy I enjoyed, and actually I learned so many different things.”

Caren Utino
Model, Actress

“Picking yourself out of the comfort zone, that is really what this is all about. And I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to what you can achieve”

Nat Ho

"Parkour Inspires you to go further than you've ever been."

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