Help your child gain greater confidence, motor and social skills whilst developing their joy of movement through this dynamic discipline in overcoming obstacles and using movement and the environment as a tool for self-expression.

During the classes, kids will be exposed to a range of conditioning exercises to improve their agility, balance, body co-ordination. They will build strength and power and most importantly improve mobility which is a vital for any movement, and so provides a great foundation for all physical activity.
They will learn fundamental parkour movements including:
  1. Balance
  2. Breaking Falls
  3. Ground Movement
  4. Running
  5. Jumping & Landing
  6. Vaulting
  7. Bars & Laches
  8. Climbing
Best of all,  they learn all this through play, which ensures they stay engaged and focused whilst learning important skills and honing their creativity in learning to move freely in any environment.
Safety is always our number one priority. Kids will learn to understand their body, their capabilities as well as their limits, and develop their own body wisdom in knowing when and how far to push, and when to stop.  By employing proper warmups, body conditioning, cool downs and understanding of basic parkour philosophy and how to train safely, they will learn how to stay moving and stay safe.
Learning and practising parkour actually makes them safer not only from learning specific techniques for breaking falls,  but also as they become stronger, more co-ordinated and more resilient they become better prepared for unexpected situations.
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