Help your child Discover the Love of Movement

and improve their confidence, balance and Co-ordination!

We aim to create an inclusive safe space to allow our students to grow, developing their confidence to breathe, move and live to their full potential.

The Superfly Kids Camps for 6 years and above provides your child with a comprehensive movement curriculum that encourages them to explore their potential and discover their preferences.

Based on a mixture of parkour and other movement disciplines including gymnastics, dance, and yoga, children will get a holistic and integrated approach to self-discovery through movement. All our camps have Trial, 3 & 5 Day options and classes are 3 hours or 6 hours per session.

What they will learn:
  • Landing basics
  • Breaking falls – rolls and other techniques
  • Jumping fundamentals
  • Vaulting – overcoming medium height obstacles
  • Climbing – overcoming high obstacles
  • Rail balancing
  • Improve co-ordination
  • Increase functional fitness
  • Greater awareness of self and surroundings
  • Greater creativity
  • Greater self confidence
  • Improved body and mind intelligence


Date: 6-10 January 2020 (Monday to Friday)

Location: Bishan

Time: 9am-12pm

If you cannot find a date or timing that works for you, please contact us via WhatsApp / phone on +65 8511 5510 to let us know about your preference. We will see if we can schedule a camp at your preferred time and dates.

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A special camp programme tailored for kids and designed to give a complete and immersive introduction to parkour – the art of movement.
This camp will teach the fundamentals of parkour training and what it means to move, focusing on key components of parkour, like jumping, climbing vaulting, balancing and landing.