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Why Superfly?

Singapore's Premier Parkour Academy. We've conducted more than 5000 classes for people aged 5 to 60+. You're in good hands with us. 

Our Mission

To build people and community through the dynamic discipline of parkour and the movement arts.

Why Parkour?

Parkour is not only a wonderful way to get you moving anywhere, anytime, anyplace, but also provides a powerful pathway to help you re-engage your creative right brain, and reclaim that incredible sense of wonder we all had as children.

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Classes, safe for everyone

We offer a variety of classes for kids from 5years old all the way to 60+. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Parkour is actually one of the safest disciplines in the word because you, develop balance, condition your body, improve your agility and learn how to break falls safely, thus providing an essential toolkit to respond to the unexpected. Plus you’ll be guided by our qualified instructors who place your safety as the number one priority.

Schools & clients who trusted us

Trust the experts

Since 2012, we have conducted thousands of public, corporate and school classes. Our instructors are also parkour athletes who have performed in TV Commercials, Music Videos, TV Show and Live Performances. Some of the organsiations we have worked with include: Disney, Mediacorp, DHL, Singtel, Stamford American International school, Canadian International School, Swiss School, GESS, Asia’s Next Top Model, Asics, Singapore Tourism Board, Earth Hour, National Day, DBS, Mini Cooper, Chingay, Sony.


Picking yourself out of the comfort zone, that is really what this is all about. And I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to what you can achieve.

Nat Ho

Mediacorp Artiste


Jade absolutely loved it, had so much fun, learned technical skills in a very professional manner as well as mindset skills of being positive, you can do what you set your mind to, turning fears into courage & reasonable risk taking! Myk’s enthusiasm & passion is outstanding!


Mom of Jade, 8 years old


I signed up for a class with Superfly Monkey Dragons looking to explore ways for improving my physical fitness and Derrick did a great job guiding me to achieve this goal. With the personalised tips, I understood my own physical limits better and were able to grow at my own pace; a very well-balanced approach to physical training. Will definitely attend another class

Lex Lim
35, Mindful Movement + Mobility Class

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