• “Daniels´ humble manner and simplicity in guidance through Embodied Dance, made us all feel comfortable and joyful – waking up our souls to dance with the rythmes of the music. His guidance created a safe environment to feel free in and to just stay in ones own space and vibration. An empowering and vivifying way to transform tension into flowing energy.”

  • “I loved how Daniel encouraged us to connect with the brave and vivacious inner child, and let it float with joy through Embodied Dance. Daniel’s deconstruction of complex dance into simple moves made it possible for each of us to follow and make the dance our own. That was deeply empowering and liberating!”

  • Daniel and his Embodied Dance … How to describe best this man’s unique teaching technique. You can’t… It must be experienced … and it must be felt … To say that it is an out-of-body experience is an understatement – it’s a change in your perception of life and the way you live it … His body composition and his mixture of the five elements of earth, fire, air, water and the secret ingredient, himself, that he uses in his teaching is revolutionizing … Give your body and soul some pampering … you won’t regret it !!!!